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Rays Retail Nursery has decided to take their expertise further by expanding into Landscaping. Our founder Christopher De Sousa is a graduate from Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute – a degree in agriculture provides him with a firm grasp of many aspects of plant and animal life. “If you understand the principles of science, everything else is application.” – a belief that has allowed Christopher to utilise his degree in agriculture to begin and grow Rays Retail Nursery into what it is today. With 4 years of experience in the industry he has the technical know-how, experience and artistic flare to get the job done. A vast and diverse network of suppliers  and an extremely practical approach to projects places Rays Retail Nursery at a junction where affordability and practicality work in unison.

Our approach to landscaping

Being a Retail Nursery means our business lies in plant sales – the benefit to you? This means no ridiculous charges to your project. Our charges are limited to the consultation fee (if proposed project is accepted consultation fee is refunded), cost of the plants and the installation fee. 

Step 1:


Contact us for an obligation-free consultation. We will come out and view your space. This includes an hour where we will be able to discuss the plans or desires of the landscape. We have a practical approach to landscaping and believe in landscaping with a purpose (view our list of Purposes). Whether it be for landscaping for attracting wildlife, indigenous landscaping or minimal maintenance; we have a solution for you.

Step 2:


After we have confirmed a purpose and we have mapped out your area we will be able to issue a design. We try to keep this process as streamlined as possible for your convenience. Once the design has been accepted, we will require a deposit to reserve the stock. This deposit is dependent on the size of the project and other factors such as timeline.

Step 3:


We will confirm a date or dates for installation with you and when we have agreed on a time that suits us both we will get our team to install. We try to reduce costs as much as possible on installation by keeping our team as small as possible. This also reduces any issues we could have on site.

Landscaping with a Purpose

We believe in landscaping with an end-goal. A garden is an investment and besides aesthetics we can find a purpose for the garden. Browse our list of purposes and find what calls to you most. We can combine Purposes; for example, and indigenous garden that attracts wildlife or a low maintenance garden that creates privacy. Let us help you make the garden of your dreams.


Rays Retail Nursery are pro-indigenous gardens. There is no easier way to garden by adding plants that have spent thousands of years adapting to our soil and climatic conditions. There is beauty and practicality in Indigenous planting. Indigenous gardens are usually water-wise and are great islands of biodiversity for wildlife. If you want to create an Indigenous Paradise, contact us today.


Whether it be butterflies, bees or birds – we have the keys to attract wildlife to your garden. Humans have created so many ecological disasters over the centuries – it’s the least we can do. There are many ways to attract wildlife, plant selection is the most vital and with a few key species and some time we can turn your concrete jungle into a wildlife sanctuary.


Some of us want the beauty and tranquillity of a garden but just don’t have the time for all the pruning, weeding and mowing. We know how busy life can get, let us make gardening easier for you with a low-maintenance garden.

Low Maintenance.jpg

Water-wise succulents are a spectacular way to add permanent colour to your garden.
Unlike flowers that only bloom in certain seasons – succulents add reds, blues, purples, yellows and all colours of the rainbow to your garden throughout the year. Winter being an excellent time as the cold accentuates these colours. Let us design a succulent garden that leaves Picasso envious.


Sometimes our neighbours know a bit too much about our lives. Whether you enjoy karaoke sessions while weeding or swimming in the buff, let us help you add some privacy to your home - screening out your neighbours is our speciality. The same way we add privacy to your home, we can also add noise buffers to help reduce sound pollution, whether it be a busy highway or a loud neighbour adding some noise buffers can help reduce your headache.

Food Forest.jpg

Rays Retail Nursery are somewhat experts on fruit trees. Having sold 100’s of fruit trees over the years let us help you design a food forest or orchard of your own. No more Wednesdays sitting in queues buying fruit and veg, just walk outside and harvest the fruits of your labour in your own garden.


Of course, the most obvious reason why we garden. We all want something pretty to look at – allow us to design that pretty garden that catches your neighbours eyes and leaves them green with envy.  A beautiful garden adds a sense of tranquillity and calmness to the property, and in this day and age we all need a safe place to centre ourselves.


The biggest department at Rays Retail Nursery is our vast collection of rare and common indoor plants. Allow us to curate your living space with the addition of beneficial plants to help relax and rejuvenate your space. Whether it be a single family home or a multi story office, let us help bring the jungle into your property.


14 Pin Oak Crescent, Goodwood, Cape Town. 


082-302 0886



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14 Pin Oak Crescent

Glenwood, 7460

Cape Town, Western Cape


Chris: 082-302-0886



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